World IPv6 Day 2011
Wednesday, June 8
Science Park Amsterdam

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World IPv6 Launch, please go to!

We would like to thank all our visitors and speakers for this wonderful day. Below, you will find PDF files of the presentations, and the video of our full plenary session. Enjoy!

Universiteit van Amsterdam Hogeschool van Amsterdam Surfnet RIPE NCC Internet Society NL Amsterdam Internet Exchange IPv6 Task Force NL NLnet Labs Stichting NLnet Stichting IPv6 NL

IPv6 monitoring lab

24h of measurements, observation, experiments and more. We did in fact stay open all night with speakers, staff and students. The location was the private lab of the System and Network Engineering master's programme at the University of Amsterdam.

Morning sessions

Between 10.00 and 15.00, we had talks on IPv6, security, and lots more.

Tutorials and hands-on

Implementation and experiences

Software and applications

Deployment status


Main conference (with video)

Download Video: MP4, Ogg
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Later on, we fully updated you on the state of IPv6 in the world and in the Netherlands.

The video should appear above if your browser supports either h264 or ogg. You can also view the video together with the slides in Silverlight on the UvA webcollege site.

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IPv6 challenge: win an iPad 2!

The organizing committee of the IPv6 Day event at the Science Park Amsterdam challenges everyone (not only students!) to come up with novel demonstrations of the use of IPv6. Your demonstration can include servers, clients, monitoring, novel applications, novel tooling, visualisation, IPv6 for real dummies, whatever you can come up with. Your contribution must be demonstrated on the infrastructure at the SNE laboratory on IPv6 day.

An independent jury will go over the challenge contributions and visit them during the morning of IPv6 Day. The jury consists of Erik Huizer, Olaf Kolkman and Jan Zorz, who will all be speaking at the event, and chair Cees de Laat.

The winners will be announced in the plenary session in the afternoon, where they will pitch their idea and implementation.

Even more!

The Amsterdam IPv6 Day collaborated with the AMS-IX MORE IP event, which focused on a broader discussion of the future of IP in general.

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